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Predict the price of Bitcoin as at January 03, 2020, 12:15:05 MST

Win a house. Win cash.


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(for those that weren’t satisfied with the TLDR;)

We believe this is the first ever time you are able to predict the price of bitcoin and win a house. It is designed in a way to be fair and open to people of all backgrounds, all ages (as long as you are legal as per our official contest rules) and give significant upside with as little risk as possible. This contest will be life changing for 3 people.

To enter is simple. You will need to enter your legal name and email address. It is very important this info is accurate if you intend on winning (otherwise, thanks for the entry fee!). We also ask for your phone number, so we have a couple different ways to contact you as fast as possible in case we need something – but we’ve left it optional to respect your privacy.

Once you enter your name and info you are able to select predictions. Please enter as many times as you like, we allow you to enter up to 100 times per transaction, but there is no limit to how many transactions you can make.

You can choose to manually make predictions or select a set of parameters and have our “Quick Fill” robot choose your predictions with your guidance. This is intended to make the process less cumbersome… especially if you are entering 1,000 times (like we think you should be – maybe we’re bias!).

Once your predictions are selected, double checked and you are happy with them you have to validate them. Validating them makes sure that they are unique, no one else has them and no one else can predict them in the future. After a successful validation you are off to the races! You simply need to review the rules, confirm eligibility and pay!

To pay we have partnered with Bitcoin Solutions to facilitate crypto payments. This means you can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. We enlist the services of PayPal for credit card payments (although, their fee is very high, and we unfortunately have to pass that on to you). We also have enlisted the use of interac’s e transfer service. You must include the memo we give you at checkout in the note of the e transfer, so we know it’s from you. Lastly, you can pay with cash or check mailed to our PO Box. It’s important to note that the payment method you choose will also affect when your predictions are locked in. PayPal, Crypto and E transfer are the fastest.

Once you have submitted your order, you are paid up and thinking “WOW. That was easy and I am a part of history!” we ask that you share with your friends. We need to hit a floor of 50,000 entries to successfully run this contest and have a winner come to be. The more people you get to make predictions, the more chance we have at that becoming a reality.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your entries (ENTER HERE!) and please share with your friends. If you have any questions please contact us at lilachouse.win@gmail.com or @lilachousewin on Twitter.

a long-form description of how the contest came to be

HI, my name is Adam O’Brien. This is my house. This is my company. This is my first time running a contest like this. I am a local (Edmonton/Sherwood Park based) entrepreneur who rarely takes “no” for an answer and loves to think outside the box. Those characteristics typically lead to chaos and innovation – which is how this contest was born.

I have a house in Sherwood Park that I wanted to sell. With little luck in this “buyer’s market” (aka over supply with little demand) and after seeing a few “write an essay, win the house” contest I was inspired. But I wanted to make the barrier to entry significantly less (and I was far too lazy to read that many essays!)

Originally, the plan was to go with a low number of entries and a higher entry fee – call it boutique. $500 x 1,000 entrants. After polling my friends on Facebook, I realized that simply wouldn’t do. I needed to make it as low as possible. The structure changed to $10 x 50,000 entrants. I then had to figure out how the hell I was going to get 50,000 people to enter my contest.

Enter – the hottest commodity known to man. Bitcoin.

I have been both personally fascinated and corporately buying and selling bitcoin since 2013. I founded Bitcoin Solutions in 2013 who then launched Alberta and Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATMs in 2014. We now develop software to make Bitcoin accessible and understood (some of this software is being used in this contest – payment processing!) Bitcoin is wonderful, decentralized, secure but most importantly (for this contest anyways), Bitcoin is volatile.

I am uniquely qualified to offer the world an incredibly outrageous contest unlike anything you have ever seen. Anyone that fits my lawyer’s criteria (basically age of majority and can legally own property in Canada), can easily predict (to the best of their abilities) the price of Bitcoin in a few months (January 03, 2020 @ 12:15:05 MST to be exact) and the person that does that most accurately will win a house + some money. To sweeten the deal I decided I wanted to give the second and third best predicters some money as well (because lets be honest, it’s 2019 and I couldn’t afford participation ribbons). The perfect storm of volatility and my desire to push the limits of traditional thinking has given birth to this; The Bitcoin Price Prediction Contest (unfortunately my creativity has run out and this is the best name I could come up with)

If you have any questions please @ me on twitter @hiadamob. You can email the contest’s main page (of which I will be handling the majority of emails) lilachouse.win@gmail.com or visit the company twitter account @lilachousewin (again, where I’ll be spending a ton of time fielding questions)

Thank you for your support! Enter soon and get in touch if you like!