These assumed Frequently Asked Questions are intended to be informational in a quick TLDR fashion. For a full set of contest rules please reference the Official Contest Rules drawn up by the Edmonton based and incredibly talented team at Richards + Company, Barristers & Solicitors. To be clear - these FAQs might provide clarity, but the official rules are the official rules and will be the rules that govern and prevail.

Absolutely! 234 Lilac Terrace is in great shape and a fantastic place to live. However, if you are not able or willing to live in this gorgeous property we are including $15,000 CAD and an introduction to a local reputable realtor to help you sell the property.

A decentralized digital currency (to put it simply). It is traded worldwide in an open market with a fluctuating value unlike anything ever seen. Learn more.

Our talented and daring lawyers over at Richards + Company, Barristers & Solicitors sure think so!

Money, money, money, mooonaaaay.

If we have not hit the floor of 50,000 entries by November 30, 2019 we will extend the deadline to enter and price prediction date by 3 months (February 28, 2020 and April 03, 2020 respectively) Entrants will be given the opportunity to either leave their prediction the same or adjust their prediction. If the first extension is unsuccessful, we will extend a second time again by 3 months (May 31, 2020 and July 03, 2020 respectively). If the second extension is unsuccessful the contest will be deemed #failure and refunds will be given.

Two (2). Both extensions will add 3 months while maintaining the spread of 1 calendar month + 3 days between the deadline and the price prediction date.

Yes. We allow each contestant to change their predictions up to 3 times. This allows you to get your order in (hopefully early enough to take advantage of the early entry promotions!) while giving you full confidence that you will be able to make the most accurate prediction when push comes to shove. But remember, once a price is predicted it is off the market, and once you modify that prediction will go back on the market. So discard wisely!

Party time – excellent. If you are the closest prediction to the actual price of Bitcoin as of the price prediction date you are first in line to answer our skill testing question. If successful, the title will be transferred to your name along with $15,000 CAD CASH (or Bitcoin if you are into that kinda thing.) From there you are free to use the property as you see fit.

I don’t live in Sherwood Park, can I enter?

Probably, though we would really hate for you to answer our skill testing question and receive the grand prize only to find out you can’t own property in Canada. There are also some funky rules in certain jurisdictions, so please make sure you read our rules to make sure you are eligible. Please verify that you are eligible to own property in Canada before entering. Assuming you can own property, we are going to hook you up with Sherwood Park’s finest realtor (subjectively speaking) and $15,000 CAD to cover selling costs. Once title is transferred to your name you can sell the house and take the money and run. TLDR; if you don’t want to live in the house you can sell it so hell yea you can enter.

IMPOSSIBLE! Predictions are locked in as soon as payment is confirmed. Once you lock in your prediction it is yours to brag about. Make sure you get the prediction you want, enter now.

As soon as your payment is confirmed. This is instant when paying with crypto and Paypal, within 24 hours when paying with e transfer, and within 24 hours of receiving your cash/check in the mail. You will be notified when your payment is confirmed and your prediction is locked in.

We might be bias, but we would certainly advise you to enter early. The earlier you enter, the more options you will have when predicting the price. We are hoping to attract 50,000+ entries which means 50,000+ unique predictions as to what the price of Bitcoin will be. Get your entry in now.

This is a crazy contest, we get that. Bitcoin alone is confusing enough, and now we’ve thrown a house into the mix. If you need help please tweet us @lilachousewin or email us and someone from our team will get back to you answering all questions you might have. You can also watch this video (href video) to watch the entering process

We need a buffer to make all predictions equal. Bitcoin’s price can move a lot in 1 month + 3 days. This buffer allows each and every prediction to be made with the same amount of confidence.

NO! We are working very hard to ensure our legitimacy including working with reputable lawyers and influencers. We are going to be posting bank statements weekly and sending money to lawyer’s trust monthly.

It was INCREDIBLY cost prohibitive. Processing 50,000+ micro transactions of $10 would have cost us an arm and a leg (which in turn would have cost you an arm and a leg) – and we want you to keep your limbs! We are going to be as transparent as possible through this process. Please email us or tweet us @lilachousewin if you have any questions or concerns.

COOL! I want to get rid of my house like this!

Slow down speed racer. We are set up in a way to be able to scale and offer this service to others; quickly. However, we want to make sure this is a success and fine tune our processes. If you are interested, please join our mailing list and we will get in touch once we’re ready to give you the level of service you deserve.